BDK Parfums is a French brand created in 2016 by David Benedek. The brand offers a collection of sophisticated and elegant fragrances, inspired by art, history and culture French. Each fragrance is a unique olfactory journey, offering an intense sensory experience and captivating.

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GRIS CHARNEL - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 190,00 €
This fragrance is a creation of contrasts. Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence™ illuminates the fragrance with a flamboyant and elegant breath while the powdery clarity of black tea challenges the essential...
GRIS CHARNEL EXTRAIT - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 260,00 €
Gris Charnel Extrait is a richer and more intense version of the original fragrance. It reveals the intensity of the original signature to extract a richer, more faceted version. The...
VANILLA LEATHER - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 215,00 €
VANILLA LEATHER célèbre la vanille, une épice réputée de Madagascar, dans un mélange complexe aux nuances et textures voluptueuses. Une trilogie de Tubéreuse d’Inde, Jasmin d’Egypte et Fleur d’oranger, le...
ROUGE SMOKING - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 190,00 €
Nestled in a cozy corner of Paris, the perfectly heated old mill is full of charm. At night, the red light of the windmill shines through its window and heralds...
CRÈME DE CUIR - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 190,00 €
Take a trip to the Tuscan countryside with our exclusive interlude elixir, which was created by perfumer Meriem Manai. Inspired by the Tuscan countryside, this timeless fragrance is a sensual...
TABAC ROSE - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 215,00 €
The rose is the most famous flower in French perfumery. David Benedek wanted to develop a new way of working with it. Tabac Rose is a fragrance that speaks of...
SEL D'ARGENT - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 190,00 €
This ozonic fragrance is reminiscent of skin heated in the sun after a swim. Sel d'Argent is composed of galbanum and white musks. This perfume expresses the nostalgia of a...
WOOD JASMIN - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 190,00 €
This fragrance is a powerful blend of floral, green and woody notes that evoke the absoluteness of nature. This fragrance experiences a night walk through the woods filled with damp...
NUIT DE SABLE - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 190,00 €
Nuit de Sable is inspired by a summer night in the gardens of the Palais Royal. To capture this magical moment and place, I worked on a warm, sandy accord...
OUD ABRAMAD - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 190,00 €
The palace opens at the end of the day. The light marble allows the heat of the day to escape, while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The garden is...
AMBRE SAFRANO - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 215,00 €
Amber, saffron and suede are among the ingredients that make up Ambre Safrano. This superior creation is an olfactory journey to the Orient, where intense smoky tones meet the golden...
CITRUS RIVIERA - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 190,00 €
Citrus Riviera pays homage to the landscape of Cap d'Antibes. Notes of citrus, mandarin and lemon give this fragrance the freshness of the morning sun, while notes of tonka bean...
TUBÉREUSE IMPÉRIALE - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 190,00 €
Each of his steps is graceful, his gait regal, his posture confident and poised. Her majesty is unmistakable as she glides around the room, oblivious to the curious eyes following...
VILLA NEROLI - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 190,00 €
"I fell in love with the Bay of Naples. I discovered Capri when I was little, in a boat that stopped on the island on the way to Naples. The...
312 Saint-Honoré - Maison d'exception boutique

312 Saint-Honoré

4,00 € – 190,00 €
Découvrez la célèbre 312 Sant-Honoré, inspirée par la première boutique de la Maison à Paris. Son parfum délicat aux notes de baie rose, muscs blancs et fleur d’oranger vous envoûtera....
BOUQUET DE HONGRIE - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 190,00 €
She gets ready. It's a beautiful day. The sky is blue. She puts her bare feet on the floor and, like a dancer, begins to run down the aisle of...
PAS CE SOIR EXTRAIT - Maison d'exception boutique


260,00 €
Pas ce Soir Extrait est un parfum captivant à la fois mystérieux et sensuel. Concentré à 30%, cette fragrance unique offre des accents épicés de gingembre et de poivre noir...
FRENCH BOUQUET - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 215,00 €
A tribute to the heritage of French perfumery from the 1970s, this perfume exudes French elegance thanks to the flowers of bergamot, rose and jasmine. With aldehydes that add potency...
Rouge smoking – Parfum pour cheveux 100 ML - Maison d'exception boutique

Rouge tuxedo – Perfume for hair 100 ML

58,00 €
Red, sassy and spicy, Rouge Smoking is inspired by the Pigalle district in Paris, combining sweetness and dynamism. The hair perfume delicately perfumes and leaves a feeling of softness while...
Eau de lessive – White - 1L - Maison d'exception boutique

Laundry water – White - 1L

40,00 €
A delicate and addictive fragrance for clothes, inspired by the art of good care. L'Eau de Lessive brings a subtle veil of woody and musky notes enhanced by fruity fragrances,...

All about

BDK Perfumes

The creator
Created in 2015, BDK Parfums is a Parisian luxury Perfume House founded by David Benedek. The House is inspired by travel stories and captivating stories to create unique and amazing fragrances.

the universe
BDK Parfums is inspired by French cultural heritage to create modern and contemporary, offering an unforgettable olfactory experience. The House uses ingredients from superior quality to compose captivating and refined fragrances.

The scents
BDK Parfums is famous for its unisex fragrances, which combine natural ingredients and synthetics to create amazing and surprising fragrances. The House uses materials premium raw materials, such as oud wood, leather and musk, to create intense and sophisticated fragrances.

Bottles and boxes
BDK Parfums is concerned with the art of the presentation of its fragrances, the House offers elegant and refined bottles, while offering refined and luxurious boxes, which add a added dimension to the fragrance experience.