Musicology is a French perfume brand created in 2019 by Baptiste Bouygues. There brand offers a collection of fragrances inspired by music, in collaboration with renowned artists and musicians. Each fragrance tells a musical story, evoking a unique emotion and sensory experience. Musicology fragrances are designed with high quality ingredients, creating elegant and sophisticated fragrances.

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FLY ME TO THE OUD - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 180,00 €
This perfume reinvents itself with subtlety and irresistible jazz. The opening is marked by Australian sandalwood, intense black pepper and a touch of incense. This powerful spicy aroma transforms into...
WHITE IS WIGHT - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 180,00 €
Immaculate and dazzling! The purity of cotton echoes the virginal whiteness of jasmine and the soothing notes of lanolin added to musks and almond milk. The accord is wonderfully elegant...
SUN GODDESS - Maison d'exception boutique


9,00 € – 180,00 €
An incomparable fragrance that captures and attracts with a sunny embrace. This effervescent explosion of natural lightness is enlivened by the emblematic sambac jasmine, followed by a heliotrope inflected with...
I BELONG TO U - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 180,00 €
This magnetic creation revolves around a symphony of ylang-ylang, tuberose and gardenia and a pizzicato of pink pepper and addictive balm. A vibrant and explosive burst of pink fresh air...
THE ROSE - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 180,00 €
From the heart of the world's rarest flowers, a song that can only be heard by those with an aura of fragrance. A vibrant, seductive and unique fragrance to give...
CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT - Maison d'exception boutique


180,00 €
For night owls, this fragrance blends a mysterious amber with an intense, addictive and grainy sophisticated coffee. The tension gives way to a delicious seduction. The delicate sensuality of jasmine...
CAUSE I'M HAPPY - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 180,00 €
A melody that brings joy and smiles to your face. It's secret ? The fast dancing tempo and the radiant radiance of citrus fruits, magnified by a unique symphony of...

All about


The creator
Musicology is a niche fragrance brand that celebrates the art of music and perfumery. Founded by the family of perfumery experts, the Commins, the brand explores the links between memories, emotions and music, offering unique olfactory experiences and emotional.

the universe
Music is at the heart of the Musicology universe. Each fragrance is inspired by a iconic song, creating a unique fusion of music and scents. The brand creates a sensory universe where the olfactory notes are in harmony with the rhythms and melodies.

The scents
Musicology is a tribute to creativity and the art of perfumery. The perfumes are made from from a variety of the highest quality natural and synthetic ingredients, providing a palette of vibrant and evocative olfactory notes. Each fragrance is designed to capture the essence of the song that inspires it, creating a unique and memorable experience.

Bottles and boxes
The design of each bottle is a tribute to the song that inspires it, offering design and art high quality, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The boxes of the brand are also unique and elegant, creating a visual and sensory experience unforgettable. The packaging is also environmentally friendly, highlighting the brand's commitment to sustainability.