Tiziana Terenzi is an Italian niche perfume brand created in 1968 by Evelino Terenzi and Tiziana Terenzi. The brand combines the passion for nature and travel with the love for art, music and poetry, thus creating intense and sophisticated fragrances, inspired by the wonders of the universe. Each fragrance is an olfactory work of art, an expression of emotion and beauty.

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SPIRITO FIORENTINO - Maison d'exception boutique


9,00 € – 252,00 €
SPIRITO FIORENTINO is an elegant and refined fragrance, which takes you on a journey through Italian landscapes. The rich and precious top note begins with flowers, purple lily and jasmine,...
WHITE FIRE - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 160,00 €
The silence of the snow; Its dazzling whiteness is ripe and luminous, shining with flickering flames. The scent is good and clean, like a child's joyous laughter, innocent and sweet...
TYL - Maison d'exception boutique


24,00 € – 648,00 €
This is Tyl , rising star in the constellation of Draco. This fragrance results from the evolution of the constellation and reaches limits never explored before, achieving a unique and...
MORO DI VENEZIA - Maison d'exception boutique


9,00 € – 252,00 €
A trip to the most mysterious of Italian cities: Venice.  This fragrance opens with an explosion of citrus fruits, Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian grapefruit on a sweet top note of blackcurrant...
TELEA - Maison d'exception boutique


15,00 € – 420,00 €
The fragrance opens with a roaring passion, the sound of life bubbling with zest encapsulated in sunny notes of Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian orange, enhanced by the intoxicating essence of...
ORZA - Maison d'exception boutique


15,00 € – 420,00 €
A fruity explosion of green apples, Calabrian oranges and red plums is enhanced by the intense scent of coconut and tangy raspberries from the Dolomites. Orza embodies an uncompromising sense...
LIBRA - Maison d'exception boutique


8,00 € – 220,00 €
Icon of the Terenzi family, Libra represents the harmony between beauty and explosive joie de vivre inspired by the dramatic and talented Tiziana, who brought happiness to all who knew...
HALLEY - Maison d'exception boutique


12,00 € – 324,00 €
Inspired by the most famous comet in the world, Halley opens with a magical and graceful floral bouquet, accompanied by a hypnotic fatalistic note. You won't be able to resist...
DELOX - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 160,00 €
The creation of the perfume is a sequence of journeys. The Cyclades bouquet is inspired by a sailing trip in this Greek archipelago of wild and authentic Mediterranean beauty. This...
BOREA - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 160,00 €
Inspired by this romantic city where flowers, music and love intertwine, Borea is a trip to San Remo. San Remo is surrounded by terraces with all known varieties of flowers,...
SAIPH - Maison d'exception boutique


13,00 € – 352,00 €
A fragrance that you did not expect, and that surprises you from the first moment. A nectar of poetry ready to kidnap you, to make you fly on the wings...
TABIT - Maison d'exception boutique


13,00 € – 352,00 €
Tabit is a creation that conquers you from the first moment, and that does not abandon you. The fragrance is powerful yet sweet, like the caress of a smiling child....
CASSIOPEA - Maison d'exception boutique


8,00 € – 220,00 €
This perfume is the story of a dream that tells of the marvelous journey on the wings of the imagination, the eternal child within us, who spent a warm summer...
TYRENUM - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 160,00 €
The Tyrenum captures the spirit of the sea breeze in sunsets over the ocean on summer evenings, enveloping those who gaze beyond its horizon in mesmerizing mystery. Ingredients Alcohol Denat.,...
TUTTLE - Maison d'exception boutique


12,00 € – 324,00 €
Tuttle is one of the comets with the most beneficial influence on our universe, as its orbit is one of the closest to Earth. And like any comet, it has...
AKRAGAS - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 160,00 €
Let yourself be carried away by the spirit of wonder of the Agrigento region, in a salty and fascinating fragrance. Ingredients Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol,...
VELORUM - Maison d'exception boutique


24,00 € – 648,00 €
The "VELORUM" perfume from the Assoluto collection is a perfume that provides a unique magic. It evokes echoes of samba and ocean waves, takes it on a dreamlike journey through...
ADHIL - Maison d'exception boutique


24,00 € – 648,00 €
Adhil , brilliant fragrance from the Assoluto collection. It is the name of a star in the constellation Andromeda. The stylistic and creative principle is based on extreme, almost acrobatic...
ANDROMEDA - Maison d'exception boutique


8,00 € – 220,00 €
A bouquet of citrus fruits and fresh fragrances emits effervescent scents counterpointed by Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine Water. A delicate freshness that surrounds you and is with you all day. A...
ORION - Maison d'exception boutique


8,00 € – 220,00 €
With a woody, bohemian and fresh scent, Orion comes from the scent of a deep connection with nature. The fragrance is inspired by family memories of holidays in Santorini, where...
LEO - Maison d'exception boutique


8,00 € – 220,00 €
The Leo is a product that embodies elegance and classic style. The product offers the ultimate experience, with its sophisticated and distinctive design and style. It offers an uncompromising, pure...

All about

Tiziana Terenzi

The creator
Tiziana Terenzi is a luxury perfume brand created in 1968 by Evelino Terenzi. Today, the perfumes are created by the children of Evelino Terenzi, Tiziana and Paolo, who perpetuate the family tradition with passion and know-how.

the universe
Tiziana Terenzi perfumes are inspired by nature and the elements, especially fire, water, earth and air. The fragrances are designed to capture the spirit of Italy, with its landscapes spectacular sights, its traditions and its cultures. Tiziana Terenzi perfumes are works of art that capture the very essence of Italy.

The scents
Tiziana Terenzi perfumes are rich and complex, with luxurious notes and accords sophisticated. The ingredients used are carefully selected for their quality exceptional and their rarity, creating fragrances that are both unique and unforgettable.

Bottles and boxes
Tiziana Terenzi bottles are works of art in themselves, designed to be as beautiful than the perfumes they contain. The bottles are handcrafted in Murano glass, with sculptural shapes inspired by nature and the elements. Tiziana perfume boxes Terenzi are also unique and beautiful, creating the ultimate luxury experience for perfume lovers.