The Perfume Orchestra is a French perfume house that combines classical music and the creation of perfumes to offer a unique sensory experience. Each fragrance is inspired by a famous symphony and is created in collaboration with renowned perfumers.

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PIANO SANTAL - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 150,00 €
In a white cathedral, the scent of the sheets and the first quiverings of sleep intertwine to create an intoxicating and addictive scent. Notes of woody amber rise from a...
AMBRE CELLO - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 150,00 €
Deira is a rich and luxurious fragrance, centered on the poetry of the maestro's cello. Its notes are smooth, beautiful and sensual. The warm, musky base note of amber adds...
FLAMENCO NEROLI - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 150,00 €
At the Museum of Flamenco Material in Seville, a moonlight perfumed with Hesperides runs through the gardens of the Alcazar Palace to illustrate a nocturnal walk guided by the subtle...
VETIVER OVERDRIVE - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 150,00 €
From New Orleans to Nashville. Night road. 5:47 AM Dawn is just breaking over the Mississippi Delta. The radio plays a blues. The fragrance recreate the atmosphere of a night...
THE DARBOUKA - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 150,00 €
Sahara. Dune desert. Dawn punctuated by the nomadic snap of a darbouka. An imaginary tea. Elusive, gourmet and spicy. A word from the Perfumer: "Elusive, fruity, spicy, Thé Darbouka is...
ENCENS ASAKUSA - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 150,00 €
Tokyo. Sacred temple. A winter prayer answered by the serene notes of a koto. A mystical incense. Captivating, powdery and woody. A word from the Perfumer: "Bewitching, powdery, woody, Incense...
LIQUEUR BPM - Maison d'exception boutique


180,00 €
LIQUEUR BPM est une liqueur très particulière. Avec ses influences Lo-Fi, elle rend hommage aux paradis artificiels et offre une expérience unique. Son goût enveloppant est composé d'une boucle lascive,...


4,00 € – 150,00 €
Harlem. Jazz clubs. Exchange of magnetic glances on a torrid trombone solo. An insolent rose. Sensual, clean and aldehyde A word from the Perfumer: "Sensual, clean, gourmand, I invite you...
ELECTRO LIMONADE - Maison d'exception boutique


7,00 € – 150,00 €
A fresh cocktail that gives the feeling of walking along the Mediterranean Sea. With a clean, floral opening, it combines refreshing bergamot and cardamom with a warm, spicy base of...
CUIR KORA - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 150,00 €
Casamance. Peaceful savannah. Beginning of the ceremony lulled by the magical harmony of a kora. A mirage leather. Wild, woody and spicy. A word from the Perfumer: "Wild, woody, spicy,...
BOUQUET ENCORE - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 150,00 €
Barcelona, ​​3:12. The irresistible sound of techno hits your eardrums. The rhythm of techno becomes the spotlight of dimmed light. A floral amplified with sensuality, carnal and addictive. A word...

All about

Perfume Orchestra

The creator
Orchester Parfum was founded by Pierre Guguen in 2019. After working for years as a creative director for luxury brands, he decided to create his own line of perfumes that celebrates the art of music. He collaborates with renowned noses to create complex and unique fragrances that transport the senses to sound destinations unexplored.

the universe
The Orchester Parfum brand celebrates the art of music by creating fragrances that reflect the emotions and feelings that music can arouse. Each fragrance is inspired by a genre music, an instrument or a musical era. The brand uses raw materials from high quality to create sophisticated and complex fragrances that evoke memories and emotions.

The scents
Orchester Parfum uses high quality raw materials to create fragrances that reflect the emotions and feelings that music can evoke. Each perfume is a unique sensory journey that evokes memories and emotions. The olfactory notes are carefully selected to create sophisticated and complex fragrances.

Bottles and boxes
Orchester Parfum bottles are designed to reflect the elegance and sophistication of classical music. Each bottle is adorned with a stopper in the shape of a musical note. THE boxes are also elegant and refined, with designs that evoke beauty and complexity of music.