Domaine Privé is a French niche perfume brand that combines the tradition of perfumery French with innovative techniques to create exclusive and high-end fragrances range. Fragrances are made with premium quality ingredients to deliver a unique olfactory experience.

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RHUBARBE - Maison d'exception boutique


3,00 € – 88,00 €
Discover between garden and vegetable patch this perennial plant perched on long stems... Dare to be addicted to rhubarb, which is tangy enough to shine with the subtle flowers of...
CHÈVREFEUILLE - Maison d'exception boutique


3,00 € – 88,00 €
How delightful to be enveloped in the pungent, mysterious scent of climbing ivy before seeing its spidery tendrils, coiled around the trellis, they come to life in spring. Ingredients Alcohol...
LAVANDE - Maison d'exception boutique


3,00 € – 88,00 €
A sprig of dried lavender on a white stone. The details of a Mediterranean landscape, mineral saturated with resin and sap. Let yourself be transported by the suggestive power of...
ROSE - Maison d'exception boutique


3,00 € – 88,00 €
Imagine the delicate scents of a rose garden in full bloom, mingled with the sensuality of the golden hour, as night falls and day dawns. The simplicity of a single...
MIMOSA - Maison d'exception boutique


3,00 € – 88,00 €
Stroll among the branches of mimosa and let yourself be carried away by the subtle floral fragrances. The green notes underline the beautiful flight, while the base notes envelop and...
VÉTIVER - Maison d'exception boutique


3,00 € – 88,00 €
Get off the beaten track and guess that mysterious smell of earth. Breathe in the leathery accord and feel its subtle and captivating vibes. Close your eyes and smell the...
CÉDRAT - Maison d'exception boutique


3,00 € – 88,00 €
In the torpor of a summer day, follow the course of the sun which shines on an orange skin. Feel the desire for fruit that shines like gold in the...

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The creator
Domaine Privé is a French perfume house founded by Frédéric Duverne in 2018. Passionate about perfumes since a very young age, he creates unisex fragrances, like his vision of luxury: elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

the universe
Domaine Privé embodies French elegance, in an atmosphere imbued with refinement and of simplicity. Fragrances reflect a time when the quality of the raw materials and the finesse of the compositions were fundamental values.

The scents
The Domaine Privé perfume collection is composed of refined and intense fragrances, using noble and natural raw materials. The top notes are fresh and sparkling, the floral and spicy heart notes, and the woody and amber base notes. The scents are elegant, sophisticated and of great finesse.

Bottles and boxes
The bottles of Domaine Privé are minimalist and elegant, with a contemporary touch. There rectangular shape, the transparency of the glass and the sobriety of the label make it a luxury item timeless. The boxes are just as elegant, in black and gold, with neat finishes and refined.