Welton is a French perfume brand founded in 2009 by Philippe Welton. It offers a wide selection of high-end fragrances for men and women, each with its own unique olfactory identity.

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KEEMUN - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 159,20 €
This fragrance maintains an elegant oriental depth from start to finish, where the aniseed richness of myrrh opens the scent with a touch of fresh bergamot and smoky mate. Black tea...
NARCOTIC ELIXIR - Maison d'exception boutique


6,00 € – 249,00 €
A hypnotic fragrance, Narcotic Elixir leaves a very sensual intoxicating trail! This oriental leather blend opens with spicy notes of pink peppercorn, zesty cardamom and a hint of davana. Its distinctive...
BEL D'IRIS - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 104,00 €
Bel Iris is a refined and subtly woody fragrance, with iris, cedar and patchouli in powerful heart notes. Notes of rose, jasmine, clove, sandalwood and vanilla complete the set, while...
RYOKUCHA - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 159,20 €
Ryokucha embodies the freshness of the early morning, the morning dew Instantly vibrant, the sparkling top notes of grapefruit, tangerine and effervescent bitter orange, like a modern take on classic...
CUIR INSOLITE - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 104,00 €
Le CUIR INSOLITE is a bold and elegant fragrance, containing leathery top notes mixed with powdery violet. Refined floral heart notes of Arabian jasmine and syringa combine with woody and...
BAICHA - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 159,20 €
Capturing the inescapable beauty of a sunset, Baicha is mystical! The sweet, luscious fruitiness of raspberry is softened by bergamot, dazzling bitter orange and the fragrant spice of pink peppercorn. The...
SINGULIERE ROSE CHYPREE - Maison d'exception boutique

EDT Singular Cyprus Rose 100 ml

4,00 € – 104,00 €
Singuliere Rose Chypree Eau de Toilette de Welton London est un parfum Chypré Floral pour homme et femme. Singuliere Rose Chypree Eau de Toilette a été lancé en 2013. Le nez derrière ce parfum est...
ROSE EMPIRE - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 159,20 €
This fragrance is a true tribute to roses This imperial fragrance immerses us in a bouquet of Taïf roses and blackcurrant flowers that blend wonderfully with magnificent black pepper. It...
OUD INSPIRATION - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 300,00 €
A strong and animal fragrance with a touch of seduction, Oud Inspiration exalts the senses Oud Inspiration transports us to a woody and citrusy atmosphere with beautiful top notes of...
SENCHA - Maison d'exception boutique


5,00 € – 159,20 €
Reminiscent of the warm aura of a rising sun, Sencha is a delicate aromatic citrus scent The bright citrus top notes of lemon and bergamot combine with the dynamism of...
OUD INSPIRATION - Maison d'exception boutique


4,00 € – 104,00 €
A strong and animal fragrance with a touch of seduction, Oud Inspiration exalts the senses Oud Inspiration transports us to a woody and citrus atmosphere with beautiful top notes of cashmere...
OUD INSPIRATION 50ml - Maison d'exception boutique

Edp Oud Inspiration - Exclusive - 50ml

210,00 €
L'eau de Parfum : Oud Inspiration - Exclusive - 50ml transporte les sens avec ses notes boisées et hespéridées, notamment le bois de cachemire, la cardamome et le citron. Par...

All about

Welton London

The creator
Marcel Franck is the creator of the Welton London brand. Passionate about perfumes, he had the idea to create his own line of fragrances in 2012. He worked with renowned noses to design olfactory compositions that are both elegant and modern.

the universe
Welton London offers a range of niche fragrances, inspired by the city of London. There brand is inspired by the history of the city, its emblematic districts and its characters famous. The fragrances evoke British elegance, while being modern and innovative.

The scents
Welton London fragrances are characterized by sophisticated and complex notes. THE fragrances are built around accords of flowers, fruits and spices, mixed with notes woody or amber. Each scent is designed to evoke a particular mood, such as a walk in Hyde Park or an evening in a London pub.

Bottles and boxes
Welton London bottles are sleek and streamlined, with a modern design. They are made of thick glass and are decorated with the brand logo in relief. The boxes are also very neat and present the perfumes in a luxurious way. Some sets include scented candles and bath and body products, to prolong the olfactory experience.